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This page last updated: 01-24-2004

*Custom Programs

*Client/Server Applications

*HTML/Web page design, maintenence, and upkeep

*Microsoft Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic (and .NET), and Visual C++ (and .NET) application design

*Letterhead/Business card/Logo design

*Web-Graphics Design and Editing


*Photo and Web-Photo Editing, Maintenence, and Enhancement

*Custom Office programs

*Working Prototypes

*FTP Transfer Site Maintenance

*Custom Net- and Web- Programming

*Custom Network .EXE Modules and Programming
*All of the above, plus:


*Custom Programs

*Networking service, including running of RJ-45 Cat5 cable, installation of jacks and LAN's

*System recommendation, installation, and custom building

*Wiring & Wall-drops

*Office system planning/setup/installation

*Web-router and E-mail system setup and installation

*Interoffice messaging systems setup

*Print server and Network copier setup and installation

*Operating system installation and upgrade

*Windows NT server systems installation, setup and administration

*Client/Server Systems

*Remote Network Storage Maintenence

*Custom Office Programs

*LAN's, VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and WAN's

*Virus Removal and Web Security


*Working Prototypes

*FTP Transfer Site Maintenance

*Microsoft Visual Foxpro, Visual Basic (and .NET), and Visual C++ (and .NET) application design

*Hardware and software installation

*General troubleshooting and repair