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SeasonsGreetings holiday card christmas list envelope printing software program
SeasonsGreetings v1.0
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Christmas is coming quickly, and with all the hustle and bustle and shopping, who can possibly remember everyone who needs cards or gifts? Can you name everyone of the top of your head during the stress of the season? Don't forget anyone! Get SeasonsGreetings v1.0

With SeasonsGreetings v1.0, you can keep track of names, addresses, gift ideas for each person, and even print out envelopes with personalized return addresses and even add your own pictures or graphics just for the holidays!

Select your own return address grapic in seconds, type in your info, and you're ready to go! You can add up to five lines to the return address, so you can put a festive holiday message on all your envelopes. The best part is, it prints it all on the envelope along with your recipient's name, so you never have to worry about it getting back to you if it should get lost in the mail. No stickers, no labels, no mess, no holiday stress.
Catalog, categorize, and store your friends and family, and even make a note as to what gift goes to whom. Then, come time to send out the cards, simply select and print the recipients who you want to send cards to. Works with all standard and most odd sized envelopes with the exception of very small envelopes).

Don't get overwhelmed by your Christmas card list - make it easy with SeasonsGreetings v1.0 Order Today!!



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