Weber Consulting Proudly Presents:
LabelMeister 4 - Business Card Template Software

Weber Consulting is pleased to announce CardFerret, our premier product for assisting in quickly and easily creating and printing well formatted business cards. Don't have time to deal with Word/Adobe/WP templates? Not a publications specialist? Don't feel like paying hundreds of dollars to a graphics firm every time you hire a new employee? Check this out:

With CardFerret, you can select 6 different card styles, add your own logo, choose your font and typesetting, and in short, create business cards from scratch in minutes, as opposed to spending all day on it or paying obscenely high fees.

Labelmeister 4; the CardFerret is designed specifically for output of business cards. (For the other packages in our LabelMeister line, please select the "Home" link to see out programs page)

Need business cards? Don't feel like paying a bunch of money? Frustrated with trying to design it in a word processor? Order today! for $12.99 ($9.99 plus $3.00 S/H)