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What is FileRunner?


FileRunner is a patient management system for private, corporate, and government Speech Pathology and Audiology offices. It takes referrals separately for each Audiology or Speech patient, and manages the records. When the referral becomes a patient, it transfers the record to the patient management database and automatically assigns a cart number to allow for easy integration with your current office setup. FileRunner is ODBC compliant which means that most Windows-based database systems can easily be transferred to FileRunner format.


What can FileRunner do for me?


FileRunner can make life around the office a lot easier for a busy front- and back-office staff. It saves time by allowing the staff to enter notes and chart information into the system, rather than handwriting it and having the front office staff transcribe and file it.

FileRunner makes patient lookup a breeze, as it has a powerful and quick search utility which can locate a patient record in seconds. It prints neat, easy to read chart reports and has a simple, easy to use interface.


Can I get a demo?


Demos are available by request. Contact Weber Consulting at

We hope to soon have a downloadable demo available.


For those of you interested in ordering the newest version, it is $789.95, and our sales dept

may be contacted at


In the meantime, we have preview screens available for viewing on the web.

Click here