Weber Consulting Proudly Presents:
CodeSquirrel 1.0

Yes, you heard right: CodeSquirrel. Your bright-eyed, bushy-tailed programmer's companion. How many times have you, as a programmer, been coding, and thought "I KNOW I've done something like this before- I wish I could remember how."

Well, now it's easy! When you finally get that one subroutine, function, or object class working correctly, store your code with the CodeSquirrel - you can even insert support files and libraries into the database for extraction or regeneration later should you lose them, or accidentally alter the first copy beyond human recognition.

Take a look at our simple user interface:

You can easily find files based on keywords you can enter, name of your class/module/functions/etc. and you can group your files by project number to easily facilitate an organized recordskeeping system.

Handy file storage slots default to the most popular types of code and library files (but any type of file may be stored in any slot if need be), and you can regenerate your files at the punch of a button.

Never worry about digging through mounds of old projects for code again. Find it easily and KEEP it organized with CodeSquirrel!

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