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Well, our attempt to start a Lumberton chapter of the Parrotheads is meeting a few obstacles - one being that I think there are only 5 of us in the whole county. However, last time I checked, 5 makes a pretty decent group, so I hereby say - BRING ON THE MARGARITAS!

ParrotHead Definition:

A ParrotHead is a fan of Jimmy Buffet music and they lifestyle that it represents. All of us technical personnel have a strong sense of escapism. You'll always be able to spot us in the crowd. Just show up at a Buffett concert to see what I mean. Foam plush neon dayglow parrot hats, giant fins duct-taped to the tops of our vehicles, grills tucked into the trunk, grass skirts and bermuda shorts. Coconut bras. (and that's just the men!). If you want a colourful, lively, firendly and laid-back crowd, just seek out some Parrotheads.

Parrothead Links:

[The BarHopper Site] - Mixed drink recipe software.

A petty decent MargaritaRecipe


ParrotHead News

Current Set List for Jimmy's Tour
(X denotes something different from the Raleigh lineup)

Pascagoula Run
XXXGravity stormXXX
In the Shelter
Come Monday
Boat Drinks
Why Don't We Get Drunk...
Everybody's Talking
Southern Cross 
Son of a Son of a Sailor
Volcano and Hot Hot Hot
Far Side
XXCultural InfidelXXX
We are the people our parents warned us about
Mademoiselle Voules vouz Danser
Knees of my Heart
XXXTampico TraumaXXX
One Particular Harbour ! Favourite quote - (NOT YET!) !
Sail on Sailor 

Changes in Latitude
Saturday Night

Defying Gravity 


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