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Dear National City:

Here's an idea for your website changes. STOP. You've changed it three times in as many months and each time you do, your site gets more and more convoluted and annoying.

Whereas I used to be able to get to my balance in 3 short clicks, I now have to wade through microtext menus, pick "safety pictures" and all kinds of similar garbage.

Here's an idea. Why not just tell people how to look for the "HTTPS" at the address bar and to not use links from e-mails to access their accounts. If they're too stupid to not give out their account info, then losing their money should drive the lesson home really quickly.

For those of us capable of thought and learning, the only goal accomplished by obfuscating everything on the site is to cause us annoyance, and steal our precious, precious time on Earth.

If you're going to make any more changes to the site, I suggest either putting it back to the way it was so it's moderately usable, or simply taking it down. The latter would certainly accomplish your apparent goal of making it faster to WALK to the bank and ask a teller to read aloud my last 5000 transactions.

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Last edited January 30, 2008 9:57 (diff)