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AnStat: Ansi/ASQ z1.4-2003 Sampling Plans Software
Find Single, Double, and Multiple Inspection Levels quickly.

No more expensive slide-rules to lose or break!
Demo Copy available!

AnStat; ANSI/ASQ z1.3-2003 mil-std-105e

AnStat is an ANSI/ASQ z1.4 2003 and MIL-STD-105E (just upgraded from ANSI ASQC z1.4-1993 and MIL-STD-105) standards sampling plans software program that takes the tedium and irritation out of extrapolating a sampling plan on Sampling Plan Charts, and eliminates the need for pricey slide rules that can break or become lost.

- Perform single, double, and multiple inspection plans, with normal (standard), reduced (loosened), or strict (tightened) inspection levels.

- Store and print log reports for inspections, and store profiles for frequently inspected items.

- Easily calculates sample numbers based on lot size.

- This inspection and quality control sampling plan
software tells accept and reject levels for all lots samples instantly.

- AQL - Acceptable Quality level - is easy to select at the touch of a button.

AnStat is essential for any and all quality control engineers, or anyone overseeing or supervising quality control or quality assurance

Selecting an inspection level for creating a sample plan:

From there, all you have to do is select your AQL (Acceptable Quality Levels) and you are told immediately how many units to inspect and what the pass:fail ratio is.

New in AnStat 2.2: Log inspection data, store item profiles, and print reports:

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