(taken directly from the validation documentation.)

Section 1.


A. Weber Consulting will, to the best of their ability, perform rigorous testing, and correctly and closely follow all protocols set forth in this document and all associated attachements.
B. Weber Consulting will, upon notification from a client, look into any aspect which may have been overlooked.
C. Weber Consulting will maintain a rigorous quality standard for this software and its proper function.
D. Weber Consulting will, upon request, revise and apply this document to custom versions of AnStat for a fee decided upon between Weber Consulting and the client.
E. Weber Consulting submits that, to the best of our knowledge, this product is suitable for use in quality control.

Section 2.

Waiver of liability

A. Weber Consulting does not guarantee or submit that this document, in its entirety or in part, will cover a specific need by the client.
B. Weber Consulting does not guarantee, claim, or submit that this document is suitable by any federal, local, or state government standard of validation.
C. Weber Consulting does NOT claim responsibility for any damages incurred from reliance on AnStat or this validation documentation on AnStat.
D. Weber Consulting assumes no responsibility for data input into the system in any manner not detailed in this document.
D. Weber Consulting assumes no responsibility for data input into the system in any manner detailed in this document.
E. Weber Consulting will not be liable for any losses, monetary or otherwise, suffered from reliance on this documentation or reliance upon AnStat.
F. Weber Consulting does not guarantee the suitability of this documentation or of AnStat in any particular environment that may or may not have special needs, procedural or otherwise.
G. Weber Consulting considers use of this document as validation for AnStat 2.1 by the client to be implied as client's assent to waive litigation options from any damages resulting from unsuitability for that clients' purposes, omissions, errors, or any other reason.

Section 3.

Additions to disclaimer

A. Weber Consulting may, at its sole discretion, change, append, deduct from, or alter this disclaimer at any time.
B. Disclaimer changes will be made available upon request by client.

Section 4.

Time Frames

A. Disclaimer is effective from the moment client begins using this validation as support for AnStat.
B. Disclaimer is permanently in effect, or until changes are made, in which case, it is implied that new disclaimer is in effect.
C. Clients who obtain other or secondary validation, and no longer need current validation from this document are consdered to be under the disclaimer effective at the time use of validation was discontinued.




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