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We are a consulting and programming service for businesses, and deal with network setup, administration, and upgrade, business systems, customized programs for your business, and general consulting and implementation of new technology in your offices.

We also are a systems analysis and repair business. We can install and fix hardware, software, networks, and communications systems. We even do home PC repair, services and installations locally. In short, from installing modems and repairing harddrives to creating custom corporate network programs, there’s nothing we don’t do.
To see a list of the services we provide, including our new NET-Programming capabilities, click on the "Services" button, or click HERE to see our operating radius.
This page last updated: 09-23-2002
We Are extremely proud of our engineering capabilities and our top-notch service. You'll find Weber offers competent, experienced engineers who will find the most effective solution to meet your needs. Here's how: